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One of the more interesting posts that can be read today would be MEGA Magazine Launch FAIL and Instructions. And it is of interest for bloggers, on-line media practitioners, pr, marketing and businesses that plan to deal with Digital Media.

What would be interesting and to keep things balanced would be to know the other side of story. One thing while handling TechTanod is that you pick up a lot of things. One is when writing an article or post it would be best to hear the other side first. Keep things balanced. This I say only because this is particular road of blogging I have chosen.

I strongly believe that when a blogger departs from his role as a diarist and takes on the role of a chronicler or writer of things and story teller then he or she takes on the mantle of whatever role he or she chooses.

So when a blogger starts to cover technology and lifestyle as a reporter – he or she does so with the expectation that he or she must follow the discipline of the ideal reporter. And when a blogger starts to write commentary and analysis pieces then he or she must follow the discipline of an opinion writer. And this goes on and on.

At least this is my point of view.


Perhaps I have been lucky – most of the people from the other media I have met have not been great. And I have covered technology, lifestyle, travel, entertainment ans even political events and press conferences. You get to meet interesting individuals some outspoken, some entertaining, engaging and more.

There are of course times when you come across what would be called unsavoury characters. But you find these sorts almost everywhere and you just deal with them effectively – by not minding them or standing up to them. As you would do anywhere depending on the condition.

But let me just state again that on the whole the press I have met on the whole are fair and decent people – just like the bloggers.


You also encounter the same set of peopl in the PR and Marketing World. Some have even become friends. And one of them told me years ago that whenever you go to an event – just because you go to an event do not feel beholden or duty bound to write a post. Why? My friend told me that:

(i) All these events, freebies and paraphernalia were designed to convince you to write favorably about a product, seervice or person. Or at least leave an impression,

(ii) A forced post often dulls the blog. And readers leave they are not stupid.

There are of course others who may not believe in this? And force or convince or even require you to write. I believe you can say NO.

What would be the consequences? Would it be something that will deprive you of something precious?

One of the annoying things among these set of three people is what maybe in some in a small minority an over-abundance of self-entitlement and self-importance. The planet will still rotate around its axis and revolve around the Sun with or without the presence of self-entitled and self-important people.


In the end posts and stories can be taken everywhere. Sometimes, I think a blogger can be like the Nightingale in Hans Christian Andersen’s The Nightingale.

A Nightingale has to be free to come and go as it pleases. To see the world and not be caged or be like the magnificent and bejewelled mechanical bird that can sing only one or even two songs when winded up – that is its purpose and it does it purpose well, But the Nightingale needs to be free to go and see the vast Empire, the World and come back to tell about it.

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9 Responses to The Nightingale, Bloggers, Press and PR

  1. eloisa says:

    Nice Juned. Simple, concise & straight to the point as usual. 🙂

  2. Aileen Apolo says:

    Good point on the blogger as a diarist and the blogger as a reporter. It is a choice you have to make and I guess I have chosen to continue being a diarist rather than as a reporter. I have also encountered a number of strange characters but with age I realized that it’s oftentimes best to ignore these types of people and just do other productive stuff. After all, I write because I want to please myself with or without readers, with or without invites, with or without freebies. And if it’s something that needs improvement, I oftentimes just write management directly. Choose battles wisely 🙂

  3. jayvee f. says:

    a very juned post! nice.

  4. dhonjason says:

    I have to agree with Aileen, I like how you pointed out bloggers either as a diarist, reporter or a opinion writer. I believe it is also healthy for us bloggers to ponder on instances such as this that affects not only marketing-PR industry, but other bloggers in general.

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  7. Didi says:

    Great post Juned 🙂 I do agree that there is always a CHOICE 🙂 You can always decline an invitation or even not choose to write about a negative incident or otherwise.

    Aileen, I also like that you pointed out to choose your battles 🙂 I always believe in the saying: Bilog ang Mundo. You will never know who you will be dealing with in the future so don’t burn bridges 🙂

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  8. Didi says:

    @Aileen and Juned: May I get in touch with you for any questions re: bloggers working with advertisers for future posts? I would love to hear from you 🙂 You may get in touch with me at

  9. Juned says:


    Sure 🙂

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