Balut, Penoy este P-Noy and Honeymoon


What is in a name? Á lot sometimes and sometimes not so much. The present attempt to call President NoyNoy as P-Noy is an interesting choice. It is quite close to two terms very familiar to Filipinos. First there is Pinoy a term we Filipinos call ourselves and then there is Penoy – boiled infertile incubated duck egg (SOURCE) and like the Balut much favored for the energy, wim and vigor or as they say in Tagalog – “Pang Palakas ng Tuhod”.

Anthony Bourdain – Fetal Duck Egg (Hot Vit Lon or Balut)
Andy Zohoury

The term P-Noy pronounced Pinoy is not sticky – because it assumes to take over the meaning of the word Pinoy itself, which belongs to all Pinoys not only NoyNoy. On the other hand P-Noy pronounced Penoy has the potential stickiness it could bring. Now this may be a stickiness the pr handlers from the NoyNoy camp may or may not want.

But it can be popular. We already had a comedian named Balut and now we have Penoy.

Ang Balut at Penoy Pang Palakas ng Tuhod (Loosely translated in English to strengthen one’s leg implying to increase one’s vim and vigor … and all the things connected with it). So for the good of the nation Penoy is needed.

Balut and Penoy (more often Balut) are often given to a man by his mischievous friends and relativeds during his wedding day to increase his vim and vigor for the Honeymoon and the vavava-voom.

Now with Noy Noy will there be a honeymoon for the first ten, twenty, forty or one hundred days in office? No. As Louie Beltran once said (during a meeting with the Ladies of the Inner Wheel Club in Quezon City during Tita Cory’s Presidency) if there is something to praise we praise if there is something to criticize we criticize.

There is no time for a Honeymoon.


Life is a road that is being built as we go along. There are many twists and turns that may be encountered and a lot of What If? questions that pop up as we pass? What will the Second Aquino Presidency bring us?

Will it be weak Presidency? A Presidency characterized by political compromises, in-fighting between the different factions attempting to get the ear of Chief Executive, reformers being corrupted, or an overweening sense of vengeance, and political hamartia called hubris.

Or will it be a weak Presidency supported and strengthened by chief minister or council? or for worse a cabal who will seek to manipulate and take advantage of Presidential Power.

Or will it be a strong Presidency? One which focuses on reform, service and justice for all?

Or will it be a Strong Presidency? One which concentrates on vengeance, personal interest and pays lip service and truth spinning?

Which path will open or be open I wonder in the presidency of NoyNoy?

As Citizens we should wait, observe, think and act. Praise what is praiseworthy and point out what needs to be pointed out.

In the coming Republic of Penoy, there is no time for a honeymoon.

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