The Presidential Inauguration

Watching the inauguration brings back memories. Images and promises made a long time ago – a number of them unfullfilled. Paid lip service to but largely unfulfilled. What is amazing though are things that have happened that hopefully has moved the country forward – (i) a generally peaceful but still in-efficient election and (ii) a peaceful and orderly transfer of power between leaders. It is not a new Democracy but a democracy that has possibly moved forward by two steps of a Hobbit. It still is progress.

The turn-over of power was interesting when Arroyo and Aquino met it was a study of contrasts. One a leader victorious riding astride a popular mandate smiling and the other about to depart her house and power she had for ten years. One hopeful and unsure while the other one a person departing but still had the aura of self-control – able to produce a smile and wave whether inside the Palace or in front of a crowd of Aquino supporters. Even the way they addressed the colors were different. once with his hand over his heart and one with her hands in a salute.

One like the Sunrise and one like the Midnight Sun.

It would be interesting thing to follow and observe what wll happen to Glorya in the years to come.

As for Nonoy, it would be more than interesting because he is the President of the Philippine Republic now. Despite my suspicion and disbelief hopefully he turns out to be in the sum total a Good President.

As for being a Good Citizen, which one hears now in the twitersphere. Well one part maybe to praise the government when praise is deserved and when to criticize when it is needed.

It is amusing though in the blogosphere to see how the anti and pros will behave. Already I heard a remark from a once-anti saying there is so much negativity and how another say its time to contribute and not just complain. The swith is entertaining. From critics-apologists-critics?

As to the speech it is a nice piece to listen to. Well crafted and filled with promises and visions of the heavens – a perfect world – Erewhon.

Let see if these will be met.

There is a saying that goes, It is not bad to look at the stars when walking but please look at the ground also lest you stumble and fall.

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