Why I went to the Asia-Pacific Internet Governance Forum

Or Why I Went

The invitation came as quiet a long letter, by Internet standards, from Freedom House asking if I would be interested to be part of the Asia Pacific Internet Governance Forum Round Table. The first thought that popped up into my thought was what was Internet Governance and what was Freedom House?

If Internet Governance was a person how would you describe her? And what about this chap called Freedom House, what was he all about?

Internet Governance, the term was proposed (http://www.wgig.org/docs/WGIGREPORT.pdf) as the

  • shared principles,
  • norms,
  • rules,
  • decision-making procedures,
    and programmes


  • Government
  • the Private Sector
  • and Civil Society
  • in the development and application that would shape the evolution and use of the Internet

    In other words, Internet Governance is a big pair words that desribe how we shape and use the Internet. And it involves Government, Private Sector and Civil Society: Government, Business, and Civil Society – NGOS and private citizens – netizens .. bloggers included.

    And as for Freedom House

    One of the interesting things about Freedom House is its name and founder. The name was devised to be the opposite of Hitler’s Brown House. And it was an non-government organization founded by individuals like Eleanor Roosevelt to promote Freedom with a big F around the world.

    Here is Freedom House – Mission Statement

    Freedom House, an independent nongovernmental organization, supports the expansion of freedom in the world. Freedom is possible only in democratic political systems in which the governments are accountable to their own people; the rule of law prevails; and freedoms of expression, association, and belief, as well as respect for the rights of minorities and women, are guaranteed.

    Freedom ultimately depends on the actions of committed and courageous men and women. We support nonviolent civic initiatives in societies where freedom is denied or under threat and we stand in opposition to ideas and forces that challenge the right of all people to be free. Freedom House functions as a catalyst for freedom, democracy and the rule of law through its analysis, advocacy and action.

    Here is the history and Frequently Asked Questions about Freedom House


    My thinking is that in the development or shaping of Internet goes together with Freedom. As to what form it will take will largely be dependent on the actions the three stakeholders of the Internet or the Three Internet Brothers – Government, Private Business, and Civil Society.

    Considering these things, the chance to talk & be involved in the discussion and to learn, it was impossible to resist the invitation.

    So I accepted the invitation.

    Internet Governance: Diversity and the Common Goal
    2010 Asia Declaration on Internet Governance

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