A Twitter Boo-Boo from ABS-CBN and Globe Telecom?

If you listen to AM Radio like that Mike Enriquez or Neil Ocampo or Raffy Tulfo you notice that from time to time they go into familiar spiels – basically reading a promo or advertisement of their sponsors. From time to time the spiel can be entertaining and one generally does not mind it. The show has to have its sponsors and it does not in anyway compromise or put at risk the editorial of the show. It helps that the way it is presented – scripted and with different voice – helps differ it from the news and opinion of the show.

Yesterday, As I was following the Corona Trial on twitter and radio. A particular tweet from ABS-CBN caught my eye. It was this:


It is a bit funny and iffy to see a tweet like this from the official twitter of the media group ABS-CBN. One signs up or follows ABS-CBn on twitter to get alerts. In fact the twitter name of ABS-CBN is ANCAlerts.

Is it the same as similar spiels as the ones they do in radio? It does not seem so. Nothing differentiates it from the other tweets that are deemed news worthy by ABS-CBN.

Well, what ABS-CBN tweets is its own business. It is sort of funny to see this coming from a big media company. It is good for Globe Telecoms or any other company that has and will be taping the services of ABS-CBN to promote its products, services and promotions in Tweeter. But more of this will be diminishing or lowering the value of ABS-CBN twitter feed. It does not differentiate and makes itself distinct from its regulsr tweets. In the end ABS-CBN loses for want of a commercial tweet.

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