Bombs:, Threats and Explosions in the Philippines

Ateneo de Manila University was evacuated today because of a bomb threat and apparently because of this traffic came early along Katipunan Avenue. The Police are on the scene checking out if (a) the bomb threat is true and (b) disarm it. In our world today the bomb and bomb threats has became the messenger of choice for a number of individuals or groups but no necessarily for the same purpose.

Some issue bomb threats as a joke

During Martial Law when there was a bomb scare across Metro Manila, There were also a number of bomb threats called in to different schools, prompting the School admins to cancel classes and exams. Eventually this stopped when the alleged bomber was said to have detonated one of his own bombs at the YMCA. Is it far-fetched that some would do it as a joke or to avoid an exam?

Some issue bomb threats to wag the dog

Certain persons do conduct bomb threats to steal the headline from an issue. A bomb scare or series of them would (a) grab the attention of media and (b) hopefully distract the media and the public from a national issue being debated. Oftentimes this can be attributed to the government in power. But to be honest the present government does not direly to wag the dog in order for it to avoid its present predicament. Who does?

Some issue bomb threats as part of a psywar

Sometimes some issue bomb threats to herald and even justify an action about to be done. Military takeover/ Martial Law. Somebody admitted to faking an ambush as one of conditions cited that justified the imposition of Martial Law. Could this happen again?

Bomb threats and Bomb explosions: Weapons against the State and Certain Companies

Then there are those who seek to weaken the State and the Republic by issuing threats and’ carrying them out. And in certain cases only announcing the statement or ownership of the bomb after it exploped. Terrorist groups behind the Rizal Day Bombings have done this. And at certain times group frustrated with the utility companies and corporations send their message of disdain with deadly intent – rocket propelled grenade aimed at the lobby of an oil company.

The aim here is to show the State and the Republic is weak. The aim is also to cower the public. In effect it is terrorism whether done by a zealot, partisan or mercenary.

So what is this bomb threat and who is behind it?

A joker?
A zealot?
A mercenary?
An agent of the State?

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