Have Book will Travel

My friend Nina has a passion for faraway places: To find oneself amidst ancient market places where camel and gigantic cats roam that is her thing: Wandering around the world is her thing. As for me i like wandering around the world of the written words. I can cross countries, worlds and time within a book.

Do not get me wrong i do not have a fear of open spaces. And i have travelled around the country and across the world – mostly business trips that include time to meander and absorb the culture. A stay in Singapore included a trip to Palau Ubin. Frequent business trips to Albion included meanderings in and out the streets of London and rambling along the ups and lows of Edinburgh – seeing the chambers of Mary Queen of Scots and the blood soaked corner where her secretary was stabbed and bled to death. Or to walk up to peak of Borubudur with my friend Aileen, one step at a time. I have been lucky that most of my travels have been because of business. Otherwise it would have been very costly trips.

Yet everywhere i went I nearly always go to a bookstore. In London, around Russell square there were a scattering of bookshops. Each weekend would find me at a book shop or a library. The same thing happened when I was in Washington DC. The books along and near Dupont Circle were jungles of books to be explored. And in Salt Lake City a trip to the local bookshop yielded E.M. Foster’s Maurice anc the local Barnes and Nobles produced hardbound editions of Frank. Herbert’s Dune and Mario Puzo’s The. Gidfather. Books by the way are more cheaper in the United States, specially in states like Utah.

Needless to say I am bibliophile. I like to read books. I never travel without one. Or in several cases many and they come in different forms. They may be audio books, e- books, pdfs and actual books. And i guess that is the nice thing with technology, digital technology allows you tp carry several books on one s computer, netbook, tablet or phone. If you have the means (cash) books are very much accessible. And it leaves you the option of buying books that can be bequeathed to your grandchildren and their children.

So whenever I travel a book is my constant companion and sometimes i do bring back home more books.

And perhaps because of this whenever i travel nothing is more comfortable than quiet corner to read books, Then of course I am a bibliophile.

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