How Not To Do A Coup

To: Minion1@palpatine,com
Subject: How not to do a Coup: Avoiding a Sour Putsch


It would seem your principle, Palpatine, is panicking, The Republic is once again talking in whispers about a power snatch or a coup, supposedly by DS. News have reached us here in exile of his plans, By Belial’s Ghost has your principle gone daffy or is all those pills giving him delusions of grandeur?

Please advise him there is no need for this. A successful coup is always window dressed under the guise of nationalism and nation building and not to save the necks politicians. And the reason is obvious your principal and his allies are as pleasing as toads with warts in a pond of ugliness. They may have not started out like this but because of their greed and apparently lack of intelligence they find themselves in the fine pickle they are in.

Please, please do not even consider to purchase a putsch. It will turn out to be a sour putsch.

There are other means Palpatine and Friends can survive this:

First, play sick go to a hospital and get confined with some terminal illness that should be easy to do.

Second, Retire from public life, vow to defend one’s reputation and then hire an army of lawyers to delay the case, inevitably.Remember this government is just filing cases and not really winning them, since governments by nature are only interested in filing cases and not winging them – filing is the new PR: “Look we filled a case against the bad person end of story”.

Third, your principal can always live in exile … In comfort. Sipping tea after the regular trip to stem cell center. I hear its lovely Cartagena this time of the year, so maybe he can live there just remember to move the savings out of the Swiss, it is not as secure as it once was.

Fourth, Palpatine can do a mea culpa and rat on his friends. Who knows your Principal without a principle might convince enough people to save himself and his fortune. This would of course take more than wearing a hair shirt and going barefoot through the snow to Canossa. Then again it is Titanic time.

So as you see there are no reasons for Palpatine to buy a coup. He should have done a McArthur years ago when the going was good.

Hasta La Bye Bye

Toro del Oro

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