False Assumption about the Masa

It is to get lost on the headlines of today. And this is partly true because of how news is covered for example the Three Senators and PDAF Scam from a tale of corruption and a quest for Justice it is slowly becoming pigeon-holed into an afternoon soap opera. With viewers saying oh its those Senators again.

With the detention of two Senators there seems to be an upbeat reaction if you are going by Rappler’s Mood Meter. Contrast this with the television footage of the supporters of the Senators one might be tempted to think that there is a division of opinion in society. An unjust interpretation would be it is a division between the enlightened and the unenlightened.

Is it really? I wonder? Will education make the masses make them better voters? Or is this a dream the middle and upper class crafted in their collective mind in order to better our society?

Being born a plebe is not easy. Early in life one is reminded how harsh and brutal life can be. Being fed sugar water instead of milk. Living in wooden box. Working to pay for the house, food and electricity on a daily basis, sometimes not sure where your next pay will come from. One important thing is taught – how to survive. And for the sake of themselves and their family the Plebes survive. And what is developed is a pragmatic view of life.

In essence the Pragmatic Plebes would support anyone who would be of use to them – anyone who would feed them; take care of their young, sick and elderly; And anyone who help them when they are in need,

And in this society they find it religious institutions; charitable institutions; and politicians.

It is a loyalty of pragmatism and not dumb or star-infatuated loyalty – although being celebrity might attract followers ultimately it is the practical value that cements the relationship.

To think the masses do what they do because of blind loyalty is false and an assumption taken by someone from a place of comfort.

If you aim to educate the Plebes also aim to improve their lives and livelihood. I think poverty is one of the chains that support this flawed populist democracy.

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