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One of the best investments of French Statesman Charles De Gaulle made was the radio. It is said when he become President of France he gave the Army radios. Not unfamiliar with the medium of radio De Gaulle used it to broadcast to his countrymen during World War II. And during one of the most difficult challenges to his presidency it was a crucial means to resolve the crisis. This was when certain members of his officer corps in Algiers decided to mount a coup of sorts. To reach out to the troops the putschists De Gaulle used the airwaves via the radio. The coup was defused. Radio since its arrival was a game changer. News, information, education and entertainment could be broadcasted instantly to those tuned in: those with radio. Radio brought the mundane and the crucial to the home. Through radio the tragedy of the Hindenburg Disaster was foretold; the retelling of HG Wells’ War of the Worlds by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater, which led so,e Americans to believe the Martian invasion was actually happening; the great speeches of Churchill, Roosevelt, Hitler and others during World War II were heard. And even with the arrival of new technology like Television and the Internet it survived.

And that is why here we are now. There are four important things Humankind has invented that revolutionized the way we get informed and communicate : (i) the printing press; radio; television and the Internet. These four things have allowed mass communication to flourish: news, knowledge and discussion have become available to all because of these innovations: they have brought news, knowledge and discussion into our homes; In a sense it has democratized news, knowledge and discussions – it is no longer the realm of the elite and the powerful. It is not democracy in the true sense, deals and decisions are still made behind close doors but it does have a tempering effect on decisions. It is in a way a step to real democracy.

And the nice thing about these four technologies they do not cancel each other. They enhance each other. There will always be the printed word, the radio broadcast, the television show and social media. With it people can access the information, news and discussion they want, wherever.

And here we are. We have just started a radio show called Mag Internet Tayo : Mag Internet Simple Lang Yan 🙂 at DwIZ 882 AM. The program is aired every Saturday of the week from 11 pm to Midnight and the program focuses on the Internet, Social Media and Gadgets (Technology) minus the jargon. One of the goals of the show is bridge and narrow down the Digital Divide and bring more people in:

First, to take away the apprehension with technology;

Second, To point out that going on-line need not be expensive;

Third, To point the good, the bad and the ugly in the Digital world so as to enjoy and be safe on-line.

Fourth, Also the show aims to be forum where one can freely discuss things without descending into a riot.

Personally, I am grateful for DwIZ in taking on this project. Also I am grateful for family and friends who have given support and honest-frank feedback. Also I am grateful for the show’s listeners and soon to be listeners: new friends, they are much valued. And of course to God without his guidance and aid nothing is possible.

And so here we are. If you happen to visit the radio show via the airwaves – DWIZ 882 AM, or via Ustream or audiostream , (soon we will upload each episode as a podcast), each Saturday of the week from 11:00 pm to Midnight. Please feel free to drop by and lets talk.

As our motto goes #tbc #thinkbeforeclicking
#mbm #magisipbagomagclick

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