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Futurama – Time Travel and Multiple Worlds – Things to Remember

First. If you could go back in time what would you do? Stop Antonio Luna from going to Cabanatuan? Stop Ferdinand Marcos from leaving Malacanang in 1986? Prevent the death of a loved one? Win the lottery in 2000 and … Continue reading

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The Ecology of Werewolves

Interestingly were-beasts are a common thread across different cultures. Men and women who have the ability to change into animals. Shape-shifters who are able to travel between the human and the animal world – berserkers, loupgarou, aswangs and werewolves with … Continue reading

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Why are the Marcoses back?

Howls and jeers online welcomed the news that Ferdinand Marcos Jr was running. More were generated when a society magazine came out with Imee Marcos in its front cover. However, even as a strong voice of outrage resonates across social … Continue reading

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