It Is Our Fault Why the Marcoses Are Back

My Facebook and Twitter time line seems to have been replaced with statisticians and pseudo-statisticians expounding on the validity of the election returns. These post are interspaced with the rhetoric, ripostes, retort, counter, rejoinder, sally, return, answer, reply, response and counter riposte from Robredorites, Anti-Marcosians and Marcosites. In this battle royal over the VP race two things are important: First, Complete the count and Second, Present solid evidence that will support an allegation. With that said let us then look at the other strong spirit sauntering its ways across the Philippines Internetslovakia which is a casque of wine or rather whine about the voting preferences of other people. It is not uncommon sight in my timeline to see this form of Intellectual and Moral Superiority manifest itself. And the often asked question Why are the Marcoses back?

It is our fault.


First, Because we never fully and successfully prosecuted Ferdinand Marcos since his exile. We filed cases for damages and recovery of assessors but we were not forceful enough to push it through. We allowed the succeeding governments to be wishy-washy on the cases and in some cases failed to punish them when the Government used the office of Good Government to practice bad government.

Second, Because we failed to stop them from coming back and we failed to force the Government to stop from coming back. We allowed them to run for office. We even allowed them to re-join society. The Shah of Iran, Samoza and Idi Amin once they were ousted never returned. Pakistan’s Musharaff returned and was put under house arrest.

Third, Because we consistently fail to recognise that not all Filipinos hate the Marcoses and we fail to recognise that the Marcoses did good as well as bad things. This is where our belief in our own Moral and Intellectual Superiority tragically comes to play. We only see the world in black and white not as it really is.

Fourth, Because we allowed corruption and incompetence to grow. Those who were part of 1986 were betrayed with the return of political elite – a mixture of Marcos’ New Society and Pre-Marcos politicians. We put our trust in leaders who we taught were wise, intelligent, jovial, competent and saints but in truth they were like us humans, prone to do good things and bad. Our belief in our own self-percieved intellectual and moral superiority prevailed.

Fifth, Because we failed to demand for a good government. A good government here is a government that fulfil in its social contract to its citizen – which is to make sure that each citizen is safe from harm, cared for when ill, is provided with adequate basic services and has adequate support to do business.Through our own belief in our Intellectual and Moral superiority we allowed the succeeding governments tp be whimsical, arrogant and incompetent.

Sixth, Because we believed in our own Intellectual and Moral Superiority. We fail to understand how the other Filipino thinks. We fail to empathise with other Filipinos. We insist on our own view and fail to listen to their. We like to sermon and not converse. We stereotype and are intolerant of others.

Seventh, Because we trust too much our leaders and we leave most work them. We must learn to be of critical help to the government. The best measure against the return of the Marcoses is not only through education, propaganda and elections but a competent government that truly and faithfully fulfils its social contract to its citizens – provide a safe, healthy, equitable and free environment where a hardworking citizens can achieve their goals. Consider this and view this in the light of the VP race, whoever wins will only win by the skin of their teeth.

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