The SONA of DU30: The Good, the Bad and the Funny

DU30’s SONA reminds me of BONA or Bonakid. A powdered milk for kids four years old and older. It is specially suited to satisfy the needs of Filipino citizens who hopes for change and designed to give answer the criticisms of the early critics of this regime. It is high in reform and a source of promised reforms which build the bones and muscles of our society. It has iron willed and a beg of -strong measures that should help deter drugs, criminality and corruption and energy and help support the country’s defines system. And that is the DU30 ADVANTAGE in governance that you will get everyday with the DU30 Presidency and that is a promise.And well that is a promise so far we will have to see whether this things will come to pass. It is to early in the day to see whether this will work or not but at least we know more or less the direction and goal of the DU30 Presidency.

So lets see.

DU30’s SONA was also an informative, entertaining and honest speech that would meander and ramble from time to time but was un-boring. The President’s salt of the earth humour and common touch saved us from an otherwise boring speech. There were moments of ad-lib that were real gems, one was when he confronted the members of congress and told that none of them voted or supported him. The nervous chuckle from the members of congress was priceless. This President unlike his immediate predecessor has the ability of be brutally honest but does not appear callous or condescending, in Tagalog: hindi barumbado but maginoo pero medyo bastos. Also he pulls the right strings that the people want to hear. In a word he is a populist leader.

But again its just the early days, so lets see.

DU30’s SONA also resonated with clarification and defiance to the criticism The critics, both biased and those who are not, are having a hard time because of the popular support of DU30 and the majority’s acceptance of strong measures against drugs and criminality. Also there is no clear link that these killings are sanctioned by the state/government. The absence of the proverbial smoking gun is crucial. If and when the smoking gun is clearly provided and simply laid then it might be a different matter but till then DU30 is teflon.

Then again it is just the early days so let see.

DU30’s Presidency seems to be like one of those non-stick pans teflon. This might be because early-on he engaged with the usual major critics scored them as black tea kettles and then moving to a calibrated response mode and limiting access to him via PTV4. So far DU30 has already been working with subordinates giving them publicly leeway to act and this is an advantage because if anything goes wrong then these subordinates will be the one to be the one to pay. These subordinates aside from their usual functions acts like political lightning rods enabling the government to survive faux pah or grave mistake if it should happen, it is actually a tactic taken out of the pages of The Prince.

However, It is just the early days so let see.

The DU30 Presidency has a lot of work, challenges and problems to tackle. It has the advantage of popular support so far and a strong leadership. Popularity though is like water that can easily evaporate or slip through one’s hands. It all depends if DU30 delivers on his promises and more important if he is be working and actually delivers his promises.

DU30’s SONA is a set of promises that needs to be accomplished so let us see.

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