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STS Readings and Reflections — Science, Art and Culture

Greetings Fellow Sentients from THX and WFX! Due to a mixture of events — the transport strike, the preemptive strike and ACLE — there will be no classes for the rest of the week and their midterm rescheduled for April … Continue reading

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Duterte s weak link: Aguirre

On the whole the Duterte Government has been succesful in implementing a number of reforms and actions that has boosted the image of Duterte. This is amazing because of the partisan environment in Philippine media and social media. However, One … Continue reading

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STS News: THX Exam Postponed

Greetings Fellow Sentients of STS Class THX (TTH 2:30 to 4:00) due to suspension of today’s classes there will be NO MIDTERM EXAM TODAY AND THURSDAY (Since ACLE has been scheduled). This means the midterm for THX will be moved … Continue reading

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