STS Readings and Reflections — Science, Art and Culture

Greetings Fellow Sentients from THX and WFX!

Due to a mixture of events — the transport strike, the preemptive strike and ACLE — there will be no classes for the rest of the week and their midterm rescheduled for April 3 Tuesday. Meanwhile. WFX will have their exams this coming Friday.

So as not to miss time below you will find a reading and reflection assignment for THX and a reading and reflection exerise for WFX.

Directions: Read the following essays and reflect on their meanings. Then as a group send a bullet point presentation of your disccussion (Online or not) to my email DEADLINE Monday March 26 Midnight. Here are the readings (Note: Elements and themes from the readings will be included in the exam)

Ang libro at ang syensya sa isang bansang hindi mahilig magbasani Ramon Guillermo

Understanding a photograph by John Berger

A tale of two loves: The arts and sciences by Alan Lightman

Mathematics and the Liberal Arts by Fidel Nemenzo

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