Understanding Mister Zeid

Or as the Wikipedia entry states Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad Zeid al-Husein or Prince Zeid the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights since September 2014. Zeid has come into our local spotlight after he said President Duterte needs to seek a psychiatrist (Link: The Guardian,accessed-March 10, 2018) after the news came out about the inclusion, by the DOJ of UN Special Rapporteur Victoria Tauli-Corpuz (Link: Reuters – Accessed March 10, 2018). One would not be susprised with the reaction that it generated but what is intriguing is the statement from Mr Zeid. However if you look at the career of Mister Zeid — A Jordian national, before a permanent representative of Jordan in the UN, and a person who played several critical roles in the International Criminal Court — you will come to understand the workings of Mr Zeid as seen in the next aricles:

1. Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad Link: Wikipedia. Accessed – March 10, 2018.

2. Judge orders UN to lift suspension of Anders Kompass, who leaked internal UN report on alleged abuse of children by French troops in Central African Republic
BySandra Laville
Wed 6 May 2015. Link: The Guardian. Accessed March 10 2018.

3. Jordan rejects damning UN human rights report on Yemen. Link: alraby.co.UK. Accessed March 10.2018
3. U.N. rights boss calls on Britain to prevent xenophobic abuse after Brexit vote. Link:Reuters. Accessed: March 10, 2018.

4. Telegraph News
UN human rights office accused of ‘bizarre’ behaviour after condemning the ‘free market’.Link: The Telegraph.Accessed March 10.2018.

5. Zeid
warns against populists and demagogues in Europe and U.S. Link: OHCHR: Accessed March 10, 2018.

6.US election: Trump presidency ‘dangerous’, says UN rights chief. Link: BBC.Accessed March 10.2018.

7. The Saturday Profile:
Chief Says He’ll Shine a Light on Countries Big and Small.Link: The New York Times. Accessed March 10. 2018.

What can be learned from this?

One, Mister Zeid has a penchance for using press statements and speeches to further what he helieve is his and the UN cause. In this respect he is similar in style with his targets but unlike Trump and Duterte he never won the vote.

Two. Mr Zeid is totally loyal to the bureacracy of the UN. An organization also plagued by scandals and corruption.
Third. He is loyal to an organization the UN that is at its best in its humanitarian effort and at its worst a paper dragon in resolving armed conflicts.

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