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Dasal Kay San Florencio Abad

All: Sa ngalan ni Ninoy, Tita Cory at Noynoy San Florencio Abad Ama ng Budget Patnubayan mo kami Naging Pangulo si Noynoy at balike Palasyo si San Florencio Abad, Santo Purisima Naghanap si San Florencip Abad sa Gobyerno Nalikha ang … Continue reading

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Challenges of the Bureau of Immigration and Tourists

In my mother’s hometown there is a neighborhood called Little Jeddah it is entirely composed of new houses built by money earned by its owners while working in Saudi Arabia. Then there is a certain town in Luzon well-known to … Continue reading

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Seven Set of Questions I Ask Myself As 25 February Approaches

It has been more than two decades since the Snap Elections, the Edsa Revolution and the exile of Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Marcos and others. And since then we have witnessed the coming and going of the different Presidents and their … Continue reading

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