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Looking for Raglan, Lucan and Cardigan: The Battle of Engagement at Mamasapano

I would agree pursuing the Peace Process is important. I also agree that there should be an fair inquiry or investigation into the matter. But, aside from remembering those slain; It is important to find the Truth and those responsible … Continue reading

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When PNOY met the Pope: Did PNOY do a Boo-Boo?

Perception is that much has been highlighted on media – both digital and the Press – about President Benigno Aquino’s speech before Pope Francis. During his speech he listed down the sins of the Princes of the Roman Catholic Church … Continue reading

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Leadership and PR during a Crisis

When Pearl Harbor was attacked US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressed COngress and the United States. When jJapan surrendered to the United States it was Emperor Hirohito who addressed the Japanese People. When President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law he … Continue reading

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